Multiple-Tooth Bridges


Multiple-tooth bridges is a non-removable (meaning “fixed” inside of the mouth) option to replace missing teeth. Our dentist may give you this option based on the strength and condition of the teeth surrounding the missing area.

The treatment procedures for a bridge is the same as that for a single crown–there are two appointments, the Preparation visit and the Delivery visit. On the first visit, or preparation visit, the dentist will anesthetize you and shape the teeth that will be a part of the bridge in order to take an impression to send to our dental lab technician. Under the dentist’s instructions, the dental lab technician will make your custom bridge which will be delivered on the second visit, or delivery visit. Then the dentist will have you try the bridge to check the shape, color, fit, and bite. As long as all criteria are met, the dentist will cement the bridge with a permanent, anti-bacterial cement.

Precautions for any type of crown (bridge, single crown, and/or implant crown) include avoiding sticky foods and hard foods/items (ice, pencils), maintaining its longevity with correct oral hygiene habits–especially flossing!, and regular visits to the dentist for exams and teeth cleanings.

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