Dental Implants vs. Multiple-Tooth Bridges

Dental Implants

Many patients wonder whether completing a dental implant or multiple-tooth bridge is best for their dental needs. Most commonly, the dental implant is the better option but overall, the answer depends on various factors such as when the tooth loss originally happened.

The basic similarities and differences between dental implants and multiple-tooth bridges is illustrated below:

Dental Implants

  • Does not effect the teeth around the missing area (no need to cover with crowns)
  • Crowns may be single, no need to connect to each other
  • If crown needs to be replaced, only replace that specific crown
  • Regular flossing techniques, around single teeth
  • Greater long-term solution for missing teeth replacement than bridges due to their titanium structure, fuses well to bone
    *Results vary by patient.
  • Cost-effective long term

Shared Characteristics

  • Replaces Missing Teeth
  • Permanently cemented in the mouth (is not a removable denture)

Multiple-Tooth Bridges

  • Teeth next to the missing area must be shaved and prepared for crowns
  • Missing teeth are connected to each other
  • If any of the crowns in the bridge need to be replaced, all teeth that are part of the bridge will need to be replaced as well
  • Average life span 5-10 years 
    *Results vary by patient
  • Flossing is trickier, need to thread the floss underneath the bridge
  • Cost-effective short term
  • Under specific hygiene, maintenance guidelines

Overall, our dentists are knowledgeable and experienced in both options and are a valuable resource to help you decide which treatment is best for you. 

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