Cleanings & Prevention

Brushing and flossing are our first line of active defense against cavities, but deep pits and grooves in our back molars sometimes make it hard to clean all the surfaces on our teeth. Sealants are a resin material that help us by creating a tight seal above those deep pits and grooves to prevent bacteria from settling on tooth surfaces and causing cavities.

Although they are primarily recommended for children when their premolars and molars first erupt (ages 6 to 15), adults can also benefit from this treatment as long as their back teeth are free of cavities or fillings.

Before placing dental Sealants, your teeth will be cleaned thoroughly to remove plaque and bacteria. Sealants are then painted onto the pits and fissures of your teeth and hardened with a curing light. Once the treatment is complete, we make sure your sealants are sturdy with dental instruments and we check your bite to make sure your sealants fit perfectly.

Cleanings and preventive methods are important to maintaining good oral hygiene.
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