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A Maintenance Cleaning, or Periomaintenance, are for patients who have moderate to severe gingivitis and for those who have had a Deep Cleaning completed within the last year. Maintenance Cleanings are very important as they help to reduce bone loss, calcular deposits, and guide the patient to a healthier oral state.

Periomaintenance cleanings take an average of 20-30 minutes. The Doctor or Hygienist will may record your gum pocket depths and will proceed to remove calcular deposits with an ultrasonic cleaner. Your Dentist or Hygienist may anesthetize certain areas that need special attention for better maintenance. From there, we will floss your gums, polish and buff your teeth, remove light and moderate stains, and give you at-home oral healthcare instructions. A Periomaintenance is typically completed once every three months.

Cleanings and preventive methods are important to maintaining good oral hygiene.
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