Culver City Dental Office
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Miracle Mile Dental Office 323-951-0814, Fax 323-953-0505
Echo Park Dental Office
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Hollywood Dental Office 323-953-0505, Fax 323-913-3238

Dr. George D. Lim

Dr. Lim, founding member and chief dentist of the offices, has more than 25 years of dental practice.After obtaining his dental license in the Philippines in 1983, he established his practice in Manila until 1987. He moved to California in 1988 where he further honed his craft. He cross-trained in other related functions in order to be a more rounded dental practitioner, and to prepare for his dental career in the US. For eight years, he worked as a Dental Assistant, Office Manager and Associate Dentist.Finally in 1997, he opened his first dental office in Culver City and began a career that was to become the highly successful and progressive practice that it is today. He now operates four dental offices in Los Angeles, (Culver City, Hollywood, Miracle Mile and Echo Park) each catering to around 4,000 patients a year. He is an active member of the American Dental Society, California Dental Society, West LA Dental Society and Philippine Dental Association.Read more about George D. Lim, DMD.